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Update on Oklahoma State Report Cards

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February 28, 2019

Dear parents and families,

This morning, the Oklahoma State Department of Education released new report cards for all public schools in our state. The school report cards are available for you to review at These report cards are designed to give families and communities an annual update on school growth and improvement through six key indicators. I have included information about those from the Oklahoma State Department of Education on the back of this letter.

This is the first year of the new Oklahoma School Report Card, and we are pleased that this redesigned school accountability system includes a focus on academic growth, student attendance, and post-secondary success. These report cards provide a helpful starting place for parents, families, and community members to learn more about how our schools are working to support our students. As you explore the report card for your child’s school, I encourage you think about what questions you have about each measure and talk with your child’s school leader to learn more.

While grades give us important information, they are certainly not a comprehensive representation of all of the work happening in our school communities. At Tulsa Public Schools, we are working urgently to continue to improve the academic, social, and personal experiences of every child we serve. In partnership with school leaders, teachers, and families, we are focusing on the three areas to assess and improve school and student performance.

  • Graduating college and career ready students: this district measure includes our graduation rates and the percentage of students meeting college readiness benchmarks in reading/writing and math.
  • Achieving academic excellence: this district measure includes 3rd grade reading proficiency, overall reading and math proficiency, and the percentage of students meeting projected growth in both reading and math.
  • Creating safe, supportive, and joyful school climates and cultures: this district measure includes student attendance, student chronic absenteeism, student out-of-school suspension rates, and the percentage of students with positive perceptions of safety, belonging, and their relationships with their teachers.

You can learn more about the measures we use at Tulsa Public Schools and view our 2017-2018 results at The Oklahoma State Department of Education report cards are also available online at Again, I hope that you will use these report cards as a starting point to talk with your child’s school leader and teachers to learn more about how they are working to provide exceptional learning experiences for your child.


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Superintendent Deborah A. Gist 

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