Uniform Policy

MacArthur Elementary School


Students will wear the following:

*Short or long sleeved collared, Polo style shirts in solid colors of NAVY BLUE OR BLACK ONLY.

* In cooler weather your child may need an undershirt for warmth.  These may be worn in solid colors of White, Navy Blue, or Black only.

*While belts are not mandatory sagging will NOT be allowed.  If wearing a belt it is to be black, brown, or white.

* Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris in the solid color of Khaki ONLY.  They must be properly fitted.  No skinny-type pants or sagging will be allowed. Waistbands are to be fitted to the waist.  Skirts, shorts must extend below the fingertips when the child is standing with hands to the side.

* Navy Blue jumpers with white shirts are allowed.

*MacArthur STAR shirts may be bought from  PTA and worn on Fridays with uniform pants.

*Tights/socks:  White, Navy Blue or Black (no distracting emblems or designs)

* All purses, scarves or distracting accessories belong in the locker and are not allowed in the classroom.

*Shoes must be lace-up, buckle, zip or Velcro and have a closed heel or a heel strap.  Flip-Flops are not allowed as per TPS School Board Policy.

If your child gets cold easily, see below.

* Students may wear a short or long sleeved UNDER SHIRT under their Polo, if needed, for warmth in solid colors of WHITE, NAVY BLUE OR BLACK.

* Students may wear a plain SWEATER (NO HOODS) solid colors of WHITE, NAVY BLUE , OR BLACK OR SCHOOL JACKET  if needed for added warmth in the classroom.

*NO logos of any kind, no pictures, no writing on any uniform shirt or sweaters is allowed.

* Denim and skinny-type pants are not considered to be uniform wear and are not allowed. 

* These uniform pieces may be purchased anywhere, as long as they meet the uniform guidelines.

*To see pictures of acceptable uniform pieces please as in the office.

School Board Policy concerning appropriate student attire will be adhered to at all times, including designated free dress days.

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